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Though this website might look like a blog, it is more a bliki, a directory, and a portfolio. In a nutshell: a bowl of spaghetti! So far, I am going to post my takes on these sections:

  • Technology
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Scripts for Linux
    • Visualization
  • Philosophy
    • History of Philosophy
    • Optimistic Nihilism
  • Humanity
    • Art
    • Languages
    • My Utopia
  • Science
    • Statistics
    • Probability
    • Philosophy of Mathematics

Also, I will have some random pages including people I follow, a general directory, and tweets I liked.

Because of the bliki nature, I will [most probably] update this page like other pages and posts to have a dynamic definition of this ‘thing,’ as well as an updated version of the sections.

Why I started this

The first personal website I created (using VB.Net and SQL Server 2000) was in 2004, a custom-made weblog to publish tutorials and tips that I learn from newsgroups or try and errors.

Now, 14 years later, instead of a custom-made weblog system, I am employing WordPress (maybe I shouldn’t say that for security reasons!)  and going to re-post stuff and write once in a while. This time I am not only going to cover programming and technical material, but also philosophical, political, cultural, and other exciting contents that shaped my perception and are still shaping me as an “optimistic nihilist.”

The reasons I felt I need to re-start writing and re-posting are:

  • Sharing: many people like to share the enjoyment of reading a text, watching an image or a video, learning a new concept, and finding something interesting generally, I am not an exception.
  • Practicing: to practice/learn writing, organizing,  and acclimating to new technologies.
  • Networking: to find new friends and reconcile with old friends.

I know I will have a handful of the audience, but less is better!


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